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The Domain Name System (DNS) originally included only a small handful of top-level domains (TLDs), and ICANN has kept that number low until recent times. The benefits of a new TLD seem obvious at first glance: simple and memorable strings, long since taken in the older TLDs, become available again under a new namespace. However, many registrations in new TLDs go towards defensive registrations, brand or trademark owners trying to protect their names.

Starting in 2013, delegation began of a whole new wave of TLDs. Whereas ICANN debated the inclusion of previous TLDs independently and over the course of multiple ICANN board meetings, TLDs in the new program go through a standard application process which does not include ICANN-wide attention. The new expansion has resulted in a swift expansion of the TLD namespace: on October 1, 2013, shortly before the beginning of the program, the root zone contained 318 TLDs, mostly country code TLDs (ccTLDs). As of April 15, 2015, the root zone contained 897 TLDs, an expansion of 579 TLDs in less than two years.

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